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 Another crazy tournament idea from Joker

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PostSubject: Another crazy tournament idea from Joker   Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:25 pm

Tag-team tournament (Yes I know we have had many ideas of these but few ever start or get finished for that matter but it's just something to conisder)

- Teams of 3 are chosen randomly from people who want to participate

- Each team starts off with 24000 Life points

- At any point in a duel a member can "tag-out" during their turn, this means that the duel is recorded as a single duel loss and the life points remaining on both sides are recorded and then the duelist who did not tag out must duel another member of the team they are vsing and the lifepoints at the start of the duel immediately change to what was remaining for both teams at the end of the last duel.

For Example: My team consists of Myself, Digi and Kimo. We are Vsing Al-bhed, Minako and Rjtuo. Al-bhed and I start dueling and Al takes my life points down from 24000 to 19000 in one turn whilst his remain at 24000, I feel like I cannot turn the duel around so I "tag-out". Al then duels Digi next, Whilst Al's life points increase back up to 24000, Digi's only goes up to 19000. If Digi were to then take the advantage and Al saw a need to tag out with his life points at 17000 and digi's at 16000 then Digi would take on Minako and their life points would increase to their respective amounts. Whilst all decks are reset.

- No deck changing or siding is allowed

- Once you have tagged out you cannot be tagged back in.

- First team to lose all life points is eliminated

- The last duelist on each team is required to finish the duel and cannot tag out.
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PostSubject: Re: Another crazy tournament idea from Joker   Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:15 pm

Will be considered for future special tournaments

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Another crazy tournament idea from Joker
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