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 Let's use this section every once in a while...

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PostSubject: Let's use this section every once in a while...   Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:07 pm

Hai! As you can see WDA is going thru minor changes here and there. From experiences and observation at this point, this should be fairly obvious with the two new dueling leagues, tournaments, and the structural changes that weren't so obvious.

Changes that have been made so far: basketing of Deck Shops, basketing of RPs, new policies in the MoC and Deck Dome. These changes have all been made for good reasons such as the general lack of interest in basketed sections and the lack of consideration that is put in the Deck Dome. Any objections to these changes can be stated in this topic.

If you have recommendations concerning "what would keep you and your peers interested in said activities and dueling in general", then please reply seriously and elaborate on how the staff and members would make your idea(s) successful. If you need any clarifications on any of the functions and gimmicks of WDA, then feel free to ask away and I will answer your question with ease. This would be greatly appreciated as I, myself am pondering for unreasonable amounts of time on this matter. Thank you, nyan~

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PostSubject: Re: Let's use this section every once in a while...   Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:39 am

A wise name change. A wise name change indeed.

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Let's use this section every once in a while...
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