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 Section build suggestion

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WDA Member
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Section build suggestion Empty
PostSubject: Section build suggestion   Section build suggestion EmptyMon Jun 13, 2011 9:49 pm

I'd mlike to suggest a rework of how the section and forums are put together.
My suggestion is to change it to this;

- Rules
- News
- Introductions
(Sub) - Blogs and Birthdays
- Support
(Sub) - Suggestions

- Staff Section (Only visible for staff)
- Testing Center
(Sub) - Test Results

- War Team
(Sub) - Tactical Room (Only visible for war team members)
- Dorm 1
- Dorm 2
- Dorm 3

Duels and Events
- Duel Arena
- Tournaments
- Other Dueling Events

- Question Room
- Deck Dome
(Sub) - Deck Shops
- Articles

Art and Fan-fiction
- Graphics
(Sub) - GFX Shops
(Sub) - GFX Competitions
- Fan-fiction
- Multimedia

- Affiliates
- Roleplaying
- Off-Topic
- Posting Games

What do you guys think?

Section build suggestion 92-UnforgivenPretender
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Kimo Force
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WDA Staff
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Section build suggestion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Section build suggestion   Section build suggestion EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 1:23 am

UP, you just can't see the staff section, that's all. As for placing events on a widespread basis, I'm not really for it since the Extra Events category is for non-Dueling events. Roleplays probably have a bit of it, but it's not what keeps it going. There's a secret room for team members to discuss, so don't worry about that either. I decided to leave the shops and competitions the way it is for it to be more visible for everyone. Thanks for the concern though.

Section build suggestion IWtEKbE
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Section build suggestion
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