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PostSubject: aqw   Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:43 pm

i hope this goes hear aqw or adventure quest worlds is a 2 d broswer game made by the pepole that brought you adventure quest aqw takes place in the land of lore you start byr creating your adventurer the 4 main classes on aqw are warrior with high atk stats mage magic users that use up your mana fast healer can heal you and other players rogue a class that likes to take its opponents out fast there are other classes to for non members and members yes aqw has a membership it allows you to get pets better wepons armor and able to by better houses yes aqw has a house system

i give aqw a8/10

if you would like to rate aq worlds for yourself hears the link


this was my first game review my others will be longer and more in depth i will be posting game reviews regularly so check back for more reviews
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