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 Be Creative. Draw a Stickman

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PostSubject: Be Creative. Draw a Stickman   Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:58 am

Draw a Stickman.
A very small little game I found about drawing. e.g. It will till you to draw a key, you can draw a key or another something else...

But if you do something, please try to post some screenshots here. Creative ones. I want to see what all of you can come up with! I mean, try seeing the gallery for example (The menu on the left handside of the website). I want to see some really creative things like that from you. I know now many of you can draw (At least, not on the computer) but it's the idea that counts.

So some of you might think the game is stupid or so, but I find it a nice simple and speedy game. I found that it's no fun to play creatively unless you're showing friends, so here I am. Be creative, everyone.

I named this one: yare yare daze zero two where did i go wrong aw.psd

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Be Creative. Draw a Stickman
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