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 Skirmishes and Lives

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PostSubject: Skirmishes and Lives   Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:59 pm

Ok this is starting to become something that occurs in the Skirmishes, mini-lives and Full Lives and it just shouldn't be happening. So many people sign up for these events that people put time in to hosting and organising to have 1-2 duellists just leave the the event without finishing the duel. It is understandable that sometimes someone is called away from their computer so they can't complete the event but there are a lot of times when people just suddenly leave unannounced leaving the other people in the event high and dry and the organiser has to either find a replacement or a way of fairly giving wins to their future opponents.

Look at it this way each event has an average running time which increases with each person who is involved in it:

4 Person Skirmish: Takes 1 hr per round on average to complete so only join if you know you could be around to duel for roughly 3 hours, some duels will be quicker but if you know you only have 1 hour or 2 hours till you need to leave so you know you most likely wont be able to finish the event, dont sign up, it is that SIMPLE.

Mini-live: Again takes 1hr per round, normally only 4 people so 2 rounds of duelings means you only need to be there for 2 hours on average

Full-live: 1 hour per round, 3 rounds, 3 hours on average,

Remember these times generally increase when there are more people in the event.

The biggest problem that occurs is in Skirmishes/brawls. If someone loses their first round, they simply leave, generally thinking they cant win the whole event so there is no point continuing. You have no idea how the results of the other duels are going to go and any duel you win can change the results in the end.

WDA used to have a blacklist system, where tournament leavers were given strikes for failing to complete an event (being eliminated did not count) and the more strikes you were given, the more events you were not allowed to compete in. Of course exceptions are made for those who had genuine reasons for leaving. Something like this needs to be brought back for these Live events as the delays and frustrations that occur due to leavers are starting to affect people perceptions of the events and their willingness to join an event as most events have DQ's and leavers causing the event to go far longer then what it should.

darkdiviner597: as always joker is right
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PostSubject: Re: Skirmishes and Lives   Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:11 pm

My power will go out and not come for like 5 hours. That's why I get out.

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Skirmishes and Lives
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