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 Lunaria Story: The Game That Plays Itself!

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PostSubject: Lunaria Story: The Game That Plays Itself!   Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:55 am

Lunaria Story is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG said to combine the best of both popular MMORPGs and classic 2D platform games. That is quite the accomplishment if it's true. Who wouldn't want the best of those put together into an awesome 2D side-scrolling MMORPG? Well let's just see if Lunaria Story lives up to the description given. 

You start off on the character select screen and are given three classes to choose from and are basically your Fighter, Wizard, and Thief (They are called other names put that's basically what they are) and you can choose the gender of the character. Interestingly though all the characters are dress appropriately except for the female Fighter who is only in a bikini which made her stick out like a sore thumb. I went with a female Hunter (The Thief class).

There is no intro into the game or prologue. They instead put you right into the starting area to which something happened I did not expect, my character moved on her own. I soon realized that the game auto-runs and auto-fights which means your character will move on their own and fight on their own. There is an option to turn it off and I played both styles to see the difference.

Auto-run and auto-fight are like how I described above but nothing really is different without them. In fact the game is boring either way really. All you do for combat is click the enemy to attack along with your skills placed on the keys 1-9. So gameplay wise there is nothing for you.

Story wise there is nothing you need to know. I went up to level 30 in the game without reading up on anything and really have no idea what is going on. The story really takes a backseat on this one.

So gameplay and story suck is there any good in this game? Well yes actually. The musical and visual parts of the game a great. The music is beautiful and the background and area are drawn great. The characters are all 3D and that does make it look a bit weird for them being on a drawn out area. Some of the NPCs if not all seem to have a great resemblance to anime characters from anime like One-Piece and whatnot. You will see multiple lookalikes in both the NPCs and characters you play as.

Additional features in the game are pets, forge, guild, gems, and wings. Gems will increase item stats and wings are there for looks. Forge and guild are like in any MMORPG and so is pets. There is no real reason to invest time in any of them because you can just auto-run through all of them.

Which brings me back to talking about auto-run. auto-run is such a weird thing to put into the game. I literally got to level 30 by doing one thing. Clicking continue. That's all you gotta do since your character will auto-run and auto-fight and points you to what buttons to click in the menu. The game will play itself which is unbelievable I can't believe they would do that.

All in all the game does not live up to what the description of the game is. It has basic MMORPG rules and no real platforming at all. The extra features like guild and wings give no real purpose to the game. If anything only play it for the music and even them I'm sure you could find the soundtrack somewhere on the internet.

Also thanks for reading this (Or at least viewing this) I might do more of these in the future but I'm a really lazy man and this was really spur of the moment for me. (Hidden message! LYTASSAWAA! What does it mean!? Nothing.)


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Lunaria Story: The Game That Plays Itself!
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