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 E3 Aftermath

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PostSubject: E3 Aftermath   Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:27 am

E3 is still running, but it should be over after a couple more hours since today is the last day. Fill in all your excitement here. Don't follow my own format, stick to your own.


There's not much that I have to say about Ubisoft. More Assassin's Creed as expected, and that especially garnered a lot of attention, not because of it being good, but because of the no female models. It would have been better to have left everyone in the dark over the lack of playable females, for Ubisoft at least, but their response was so bloody stupid, and it confirmed them being lazy with their game over some aspects, or just biased towards women. Take it any way you want.

Now other games which did catch my attention were the two new Tom Clancy games: The Division and Rainbow Six. Now for the former, I think this is a novel idea, assuming that it will be done right since it's a Ubisoft shooter, can't mess those up, while the latter just feels like....Counter Strike meets PAYDAY 2. Didn't really find it all that interesting. Oh well, we'll see how it'll do later.

Also, Ubisoft, next time, hire a representative that doesn't swear every five f***ing seconds.

Only game I'm really interested in was Far Cry 4 obviously. New villain is insane, some new tricks, and online coop in campaign (Jesus, Ubisoft, took you long enough to get the message didn't it?). Will get if possible.


Only interesting stuff that they showed were Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2. I hear lots of praise for Battlefield Hardline, but I would care less. Rest is soccer, football, sports, etc. They say the next NFL game will utilize a new engine, but I could care less. Not my thing.

Star Wars fans, rest assured. Battlefront 3, or rather known as Star Wars Battlefront, is in the works. It's being developed by DICE, which is probably not all too great after seeing how they ruined Army of Two The Devil's Cartel, but let's have a little faith, people. It's a good old game which really needed a sequel. Have high hopes for it.


I was expecting a whole lot for Sony, and while they didn't live up to my expectations, I still did enjoy their conference. Lots of new F2P games for their consoles, which is always good. There's also Destiny, which they showcased. I wasn't too impressed with the gameplay footage that I saw, but hopefully the final build will be better. I mean, for god's sake, it costed $500 million to build, you'd be bloody stupid if you mess it up. I'll see how the game plays at the end before I consider buying it.

LittleBigPlanet 3, one of Sony's biggest franchises, yaaaay! Now to be clear, I am not a fan of the series, but I hear a lot of praise from it. Maybe this next one will add a whole lot more stuff, maybe it won't. Might want to keep a good eye on it if you're a fan.

There was also No Man's Sky, which I didn't check, but from the description, it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. Also, Uncharted 4! Seems like they'll end the series there, nobody knows though. Last game was called Drake's Deception (excluding the Vita game for now), but it never ended there. Maybe it'll end here. Anyhow, it was a teaser, so not much was shown.

Didn't check Order 1881, already know what I need to know about it. Dunno how it did at E3. Not all too interested in the game anyway.

New Suda51 game, exclusive for the PS4. Dunno much about it. Let's hope for the best for it.

And then, the Sony TV part. You'd figure Sony had some common sense to show something else more exciting, but noooooo. Not even Mad Max, which they had showcased last year. Just...this. I....what? Well, I suppose they can get away with it this time since they actually brought up games.

Did they show Freedom Wars at E3 this year? If they did, then I must have missed it. I was interested in that game though.

And that's all I can remember for Sony. Decent conference, but not what I expected.


To be frank, Microsoft did surprise me this year. The biggest change? NO TVs! Yes, I'm serious. They didn't even stop to talk about it, not even once. They actually announced and showed a lot of cool games which all seem pretty exciting.

Sunset Overdrive is what everybody is talking about. Basically, as Al would put it, it's Jet Set Radio with Zombies. I have hopes for this game even if I won't be able to play it.

New Call of Duty was shown. This time around, though, things DO look different. Not significantly different, but enough to not look exactly the same as the old games. I mean, I never really considered any of the previous ones which were shown in previous E3 conventions to be different in any way, they all looked the same to me, but this one does look a little bit more different. Here's to hoping that Sledgehammer Games knows what it's doing.

Halo was there of course. Some more information about Halo 5, and instead of doing a remake of just Halo 2, they're redoing the whole series just for the Xbox One, which I predict will be nice but super expensive. Just remember to leave an option that lets you select specific metagames for the games. Would suck if they all had the same metagame. Also, why aren't Reach and 3 ODST mentioned? Seriously, put those in too. Reach was my favorite Halo game (bear in mind that I haven't played Halo 2 and am still playing the third).

Also Scalebound, which is from Platinum Games. You don't need to check it out, once you see the name "Platinum Games", you know this game is going to rock your socks off.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha Prime. DLC for Dead Rising 3. Funny how Capcom is parodying itself.

There's a lot of stuff that I really didn't check all properly due to lack of time, but some of them do sound exciting. Includes Ori and the Blind Forest, Inside, Killer Instict Season Two, and some more stuff I can't remember. Dunno about new Fable, Dragon Age, or Forza, never was into those series. However, lots of people are happy, and personally, I am happy with some of the few games that they showed (the ones that I actually bothered to look up).

Also, Microsoft, screw you for the Conker's bad Fur Day middle finger.


Bravo, Nintendo. Bravo. What a stunning comeback this year.

Games that we already knew about aside, such as new Pokemon, Smash, and Bayonetta, there were a lot of great new games announced for the Wii U and 3DS.

Zelda for the Wii U looks interesting. I'm not all too sure about the open-world element, but if it'll be done right, then I'm okay with it. Hyrule Warriors has me interested, as with all series-themed Dynasty Warriors games Such as DW Gundam and One Piece, even though I never will consider buying them. However, it still is nice to see Nintendo working on a game together with a third-party company that is not SEGA for once. From the gameplay that I have seen, it's alright. Expect more to come since I keep hearing lots of crazy stuff from my Twitter feed, such as summoning the moon and stuff.

Also, Wii U Zelda especially garnered a lot of interest because of the new design for Link. People went assuming that it was either a female Link or a different character, but it was later confirmed to be the ol' male Link. Still, Nintendo did ask if people are interested in a playable female protagonist. Nintendo 1, Ubisoft 0.

Also, some new Mario games, and especially Mario Maker, which is what I found to be the most interesting. Being able to make your own Mario levels and share instantly from your console. Good stuff, good stuff. About time Nintendo realized that this is something we wanted.

Splatoon was the game that won Nintendo's E3 conference, at least out of the newly-announced section. Yes, it's a shooter, but what makes it interesting is how different it is. Instead of focusing on killing, you're focusing on getting your ink all over the map (sexual innuendo not intended), and boy, it doesn't stop there. Places which are covered in ink allow you to dive in them and swim around, and you can even go on walls. You can even use the starting pad to teleport to teammates, ambush enemies while underneath the ink. It's all good fast-paced action. Hopefully, they will add more stuff later to justify the $60 price point, if it'll go for that.

Also, want to know how popular this got? This game got lots of fan art on day one. Even hentai. That...horrendous hentai...-shudders-...Danbooru is both a blessing and a curse.

As for Smash, there's not much to say other than it being FREAKING AWESOME as every Smash game. A Youtuber I follow who played the game confirmed that character such as Sonic and Link did get some tweaks: Sonic's Super Smash is harder to control while Link's forward charge is different, also the grappling hook works differently this time around. Oh, and Palutena's reveal is what won E3, and this is over everything, not over a specific category. Mainly because of the anime opening, thanks to Shaft. It got me all hyped. Also, Pacman has been announced, which I consider to be exciting. Some Mii fighters too, which could be potentially bad or good, only time will tell. You can find more about Smash here: http://www.worldduelingacademy.com/t7159-fgn-the-smashing-smash-brothers#62726 (shameless FGN advertising).

Bayonetta 2 got a new trailer, and played the demo which was previously shown last year, only this time it was modified. Was still exciting to watch, even if it was the same fight again. Also, Bayonetta will be bundled with the second game. I think this is a great move from both Nintendo and Platinum Games. It wouldn't make sense to have the first game on one console and then the next on a completely different one.

New Star Fox is in the making. Very excited for it personally. Will probably not play it unfortunately.

Some other great games were announced which I really didn't check out, mostly new Monster Hunter. Either way, I tip my hat to you, Nintendo.


Mostly for some of the games which don't belong to any of the conferences. Let me start with this:


Damn you, Wolfenstein pre-order players. So jealous of you all now because of your beta access keys. Eh, anyways, it was only a teaser, and more will be announced in the upcoming QuakeCon. I'm all hyped for it.

Also, some new trailers and pre-order offers for both Persona Q and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Oh Atlus. But aside from that, no Persona 5, which is what disappointed me greatly.

New Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- trailer for NA. It's the same thing, only that they put the Aksys Games logo on top of the Team Red logo, which completely blocked it off and gave the other logo a screen time of 0.4 seconds. Aksys, you trolls...Some more stuff announced for GG, such as campaign and special modes. Not all too much to make an FGN article over, so I'll skip them for now and wait for the upcoming character reveal before bundling them in.


I'm not excited for GTA V, I'm just happy that after all the trashing from the console fanboys over not getting GTA V, justice will finally be served (unless the PC port sucks). Still, I might get it if there is a good chunk of great mods to use, and if the price drops down, AND if it doesn't get blocked in my region like each of the new Rockstar games. Not cool, Rockstar. Not cool.

Mortal Kombat X will be in the far future, and will involve lots of new characters. Graphically, there's a lot of improvement, and despite that, the game still runs at 1080p and 60 FPS. You go, Netherrealms! Also, from the little gameplay that I have seen, it looks good. If there are changes from the previous game, I won't be able to tell.

There was something Bethesda showed too, but I can't remember what it was. Oh well. If it's a third-party Bethesda game, I'm all for it. I have yet to see one that actually sucks, and is not called Doom 3 BFG Edition.

Fish wanted me to talk about Civ Beyond Earth, so here's what I have to say: I didn't see anything about it nor did I get in on any rumors. Therefore, I have nothing to say. Sorry, Fishy.

Other games that I was hoping to see were Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, and of course, Persona 5, which were never mentioned. No sign of Fallout 4 even though it was teased at some point. What a shame.

Either way, great E3 this year. Dunno if we can top it off next year.

Bear in mind that I have been juggling university work and E3, so I haven't been able to follow up on everything.

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E3 Aftermath
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