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 Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions

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PostSubject: Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions    Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:37 pm

Background: The EA thread was deleted forfaggotry the overuse of explicit words that may be offensive to certain people. This time it's not a parody, this time it's an actual interesting topic. Nintendo is facing financial difficulty for not being able to settle disputes and tend to the bad relations they have with 3rd party developers; as a result has been highly unsuccessful to sell the Wii U for the past 2.5 years.

The Wii U is underpowered as a console, but then again all of the consoles are so there is no real excuse nor does the common consumer really care about the tech specs. The Wii U has been released for 2.5 years. The marketing campaign for the Wii U has been horrendous until fairly recently after E3. You finally have a line-up, you've made your promises, it may be wise to keep those promises and get to work on some of these projects.

You are also scorned for your company's past decisions concerning the current internet trends such as Twitch streaming and YouTube commentary & reviews. YouTube has the largest online gaming community while Twitch streaming allows an already popular title (Smash Bros) to prosper with eSports commentary and live streaming. This is all free-advertisement. The argument that the share-holders as well as the past board has made was that the value of a game that is released is reduced and its exclusivity to the gaming experience is hindered. It is up to you to make a choice on this matter since Satoru Iwata has passed away and Reggie was demoted after doing scandalous actions that we do not speak of here at Nintendo.

Current Opportunities:

  • Capcom has gone bankrupt and seeks a buyer, this is an opportunity to adapt mature, 3rd party games such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil as well as classics such as Megaman and Pacman.
  • Adapt and offer Twitch streaming and YouTube sharing to appease the online community. Increase sales and reduce amount needed to advertise online.  

Objective: Go out my comrades! Reggie put in good word for you, so make him proud and speak out what you believe will bring Nintendo to it's former glory days!

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions    Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:59 pm

Gamecube 2 (Call it something else). 60fps. 1080p. Megaman. Done. Over. Just do it already Nintendo.

I don't trust Nintendo with Street Fighter.


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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions    Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:32 pm

Capcom didn't go bankrupt, they just didn't renew their buyout countermeassures, they still function as a company just fine, it's just that if you have enough money you can buy it now (which is the case with a lot of developers).
Btw, I'd trust my grandpa with game development more than capcom, and he died before I was born. Don't know where you are getting that faith in them Leokane. I'll attribute their making of 2D fighters to being japanese, it seems you are born with that skill over there. Though I do see the exclusivity issue, but tournaments are played on a console anyways, same difference.


http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/12/5802560/nintendos-fils-aime-wii-u-wont-get-twitch-gameplay-streaming-because (the title is btw an example of polygon's shitty journalism, it's taken out of context of even the sentence it's in, but that aside)
I kind of agree with what he is saying in the article. I'll watch a tournament, I'll watch an organized stream, but short random gameplay isn't that fun, I don't know how many of you spend hours of your lives watching random streamers, but I don't. It's not that you can't capture video or stream from a wii u, you can, you just need special external hardware for it. Yeah, sure, that costs money, but it is also proof that you are invested in it, if you aren't willing to even do that much, you wouldn't be able to deliver on the minimum required quality of content anyways. On the other hand, an organized stream is indeed fun to follow.

There is a second major issue with twitch streaming. You can't control the message. Nintendo has been heavily criticized for controlling information, but let's look at it from a different perspective. PS4 got itself porn associated with its streaming for not controlling the information. PS4 can afford that due to their messaging and demographic, but would Nintendo be able to handle it easily? And it's not really about cameras but mostly an example. You catch a random stream of a random gamer who, as many random gamers, is highly irritable and foul mouthed. You, as Nintendo, do not want this message out, you don't want the kid who is searching for Nintendo games on the internet to come across a torrent of inappropriate slur, it does more harm than good in regards to the message you want to give.

You may say that all information should be free, and that messaging shouldn't exist in a bubble, but that isn't always the case. A parent for example will put his child in a bubble all the time, and for good reason. They take care not to expose them to porn or excessive violence, and if they don't they actually are bad parents. Many of the underage people here may claim they are mature enough for everything, but you know what, the fuck you are, we often don't know what it is we should not know. If I were a parent I'd rather give my child a healthy childhood than expose it to even say PC gaming, at least not without a degree of supervision on the games that go through it. Obviously that changes with age, around 15-16 they are mature enough for certain things, but you'll only expose your 10 year old child to so much.

All that is relevant to how Nintendo treats messaging, they want to keep it family friendly so they are keeping it in a bubble. You may have heard that following their revenue denial on youtube they are starting a partner program to keep some control over who profits from this (which is probably already in effect in a more secretive way, you see some youtubers like tobuscus posting nintendo content, who wouldn't do anything for free). It may be a dick move towards youtubers, but it also lets them keep responsibility for their content that goes out there themselves and creating a safe environment even on the internet where that is thought to be impossible. Twitch is treated similarly, they don't want the swearing guy to promote Nintendo product, it doesn't help. As an internet denizen, I am against heavy information control, but if we are looking at it from Nintendo's side, they are actually making a right move, in a way, and if I were a parent I'd agree with it.

New Console

I may have mentioned the exact same thing before, on the "releasing another console" idea that was going around before this E3, sorry but that was science fiction, and I wonder about the sanity of the "games journalists" (no such thing as game journalism) that were pushing the idea. Nintendo lives on consumer trust, when you are a sony or microsoft customer, to an extend, you are looking out for that backstab with DLC, greedy policies and anti-customer features, but you are usually a nintendo console owner trusting that you won't find said knife in your back. That works in two ways, one is that you trust the company more obviously, which has its own returns. The other is that Nintendo can't pull too many weird shit as a result. With MS and Sony, you are expecting that, you'll complain and a while later you'll forget, heck some may even defend it, when you go for the good guy act though, it only takes one move really to send you over to the opposite side and burn the bridges you've been building, destroying most of the consumer trust instantly (yeah, nintendo had that youtube issue which was a huge dick move, but that did not directly impact its relationship with its customers, they still delivered on the agreement of games, youtube is an external thing).

Ditching the Wii U in favour of another console would be exactly that kind of dick move. The people that had Wii U up to that moment either had money to spare, were industry "professionals" or were big Nintendo fans. The first two wouldn't really be affected, but if Nintendo came out and declared the Wii U a useless box and asked people to buy a new console, then they'd be directly screwing over their biggest fans who placed trust in them, condemning themselves to a slow death in the process.

Due to their relationship with their customers and their policies, they are stuck in a place where they just can't abandon the Wii U, they have just one choice really, deliver on their promise of games to make the purchase of a Wii U worthwhile. And that was obvious for anyone who knew what they were talking about, news of a new nintendo console, which did not make one bit of sense, just served one purpose. Deter people who were thinking about it from the idea of buying a Wii U, because, hey, if there is another console coming out, who would buy the old one, right? In a twist of irony, the people who were critical of the Wii U, calling it a failure and talking about a new console, had a huge part in the disappointing sales of the Wii U. At least until Nintendo declared they are alive in this E3, which is the main reason it came out as impactful and revitalizing really, all they had to do was say "we are here, we are sticking to the Wii U".

The way forward

So as for what to do, I just want them to continue doing what they are doing really, they even got over their localization issues from last gen so I see nothing wrong. There was some advertising issue in the beginning, but that's not the problem now.
As I said before, I see their strategy like this: Work hard to make many good games to create a compelling library. It's not about a single system seller, but many games that will sell the system, the goal is to advance their collection to the point where people would want to buy a Wii U based on what they see and not based on hype or a single game. I don't care if it has a strong name behind it, so long as they work diligently to make it a good game. Hard work works, that and faith in God Sakurai.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions    Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:15 pm

I think the WiiU has about as many, if not more, worthwhile games then the other current generation consoles but that doesn't mean crap given it's life duration. They can't keep doing this game drought with every console they create. The 3DS had this, the Gamecube had this, the N64 had this. It shouldn't be every 6 months I get ONE good game that I don't get the choice to decide is my type or not, because if it's not then see you next 6 months. If I didn't like platformers, I'd be screwed when late last year and early this year the only worthwhile games were Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong.

I feel the power of the console argument is a load of bull. Rayman Legends, Windwaker HD, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Monster Hunter Ultimate just to name a few all run at 1080p, and Smash Bros is confirmed to run at 60fps, 1080p. Watch Dogs is developed and finished for the WiiU with assumed extended support (anyone know about the ctOS for it?) to be as graphically capable as console versions while using even more processing power for it's touchpad gimmick. If there where more games for the console that showcased squat though this probably wouldn't be the case... then again it's not like any of the current gen consoles have anything to showcase.

I bought a WiiU about a year ago and I have to say, I'd be absolutely furious if they dropped support for it for another console and I think it's ridiculous to think people felt that is something they'd do. Look at where Sega got when they openly admitted they had no future with the Sega CD, 32x and Saturn. They lost faith and couldn't trust dropping another crapload of money on yet another console, and that's honestly where I'd be at. Their biggest fans, early adopters and people who are simply putting faith into one title (Super Smash Bros usually) would be seriously burned by such a decision.

I want them to, same as Al-Bhed said, keep doing what they're doing, only make a library of games and not a single system seller. If the console flies off of shelves because of Smash Bros, that's great and all but I didn't buy a WiiU strictly for one game. The only games I've played thus far that made me feel it's worth my purchase is The Wonderful 101. All these Mario games, Mario Kart, trickle of few third-party games is great, but I wouldn't have purchased the console over lot of them... I wouldn't have even purchased the console over Super Smash. They can't JUST rely on a "hit". For me, buying the console was half fanboyism to support the only company left where I truly support their way of making video games and hardware and half a prepared wait for games I actually cared about such as Xenoblade, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros along with faith in Nintendo to continue making good games. It's no wonder their losing money if I can't willingly find a way to give them money to entertain myself with their console. Last things I've gotten is "1001 Spikes" and "Shovel Knight", otherwise that's it besides the obvious and those are eShop titles. Slow golf clap for you Nintendo, couldn't throw money at you even if I wanted to because there's nothing to throw money at.

Super excited for their E3 presentation and what's to come out of that though and I hope they stick with it and much, much more. I know they got it in them.

The tl and dr? Buy out Capcom Nintendo, I know you can do it.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions    

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Let's Play: Nintendo Business Decisions
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