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 Let's Smash! (Meta Talk)

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PostSubject: Let's Smash! (Meta Talk)   Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:33 am


The chart numbers you see are merely algorithmic and somewhat arbitrary because they are based on community voting. What this does give a representation for is popularity. There is truth to some of the stats you see, and if you have played the game yourself it becomes apparent in more ways than one. Because it's more or less the first month of release, the numbers are all hand in hand and quite dynamic. So the positions of rank fluctuate every hour. What hasn't changed since I first saw this was the top 3 positions: Rosalina being indisputedly #1, and Zero Suit Samus and Shiek going hand in hand, in which this metacritic-esque community believes that the top 3 all serve this check-and-balance system to create this balance.

The rest of the list is up for constant debate and doesn't really hold any meaning. The statistics that stay constant are what you keep your eyes on and what you observe in-game is also something notable. We also need to wait for tournaments to truly craft a tier-system at all. Still though, it is apparent that the top 3 are the characters to beat and are of great interest.

For any of you smash bros out there, what do you think? What changes in this sequel do you like or dislike? What does your main lineup look like now in contrast to Brawl? Mine personally is now Luigi, Wii Fit Trainer, and Sonic (and Palutena is climbing her way to my liking for main lineup.)

There's a lot to discuss...

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Smash! (Meta Talk)   Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:47 pm

There already have been tournaments but since it is on 3DS no one really is paying attention until the Wii U version. And as for the tier list Rosalina makes sense being at the top and pretty much 1 through 10 make sense somewhat, anything past 10 is just one big pile of personal grudge. Wii Fit Trainer why low on the list for EventHubs I hate fighting personally which would lead to me thinking she is better than the spot she is now. Charizard is bottom 5 yet I like playing him and can do really well with him so basically anything past 10 is a big blur. Hell people at first said Duck Hunt Dog and Bowser were really OP but even though they're upper half they're not in the top 10 spot.

For my personal 3 characters (since EventHubs goes by threes) is Charizard Main / Zelda Second / Palutena Third

Three characters I hate fighting against are (in no order) Little Mac / Wii Fit Trainer / Fox

Overall better than Brawl but I can't stand 3DS controls, like all the new characters (except for Dark Pit you turd), every stage having a final destination form is cool, Fierce Deity Link for the FUCKING WIN, and also the Wii U version looks great...although they added a fuck ton of pointless shit I don't care about.

P.S. I will still always have a pocket Jigglypuff to fuck over all who oppose me.


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Let's Smash! (Meta Talk)
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