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 A dilemma of no time and no budget

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PostSubject: A dilemma of no time and no budget   Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:03 pm


I want to get this shit off my chest for once and for all so now I shall commence ranting to no one in particular. Spoilers abound but you won't give a shit anyway.

I guess the first thing to really tackle would be the Q twist. The execution was fine(having Sean suddenly shooting the crossbow at the camera before revealing that an old man in the wheelchair was part of the cast the entire time) but the idea itself was not. It's not a very good twist, it's not very interesting, it's like it came out of a B-movie(the amateur movie in Hyouka used the same schtick) and it just feels like a cheaper narrative trick than the ones used in 999/VLR. 999's was fucking brilliant, the entire game was built towards the reveal that the bottom screen was actually Akane's narration all along. It was an essential twist to hide because Junpei should not know that Akane is Zero until the reveal, and it was fine because it's not like anything ongoing was actually hidden from us. We simply don't learn whose perspective we're seeing from until the sudoku scene. The twist in VLR was how Sigma looked like, and it was hidden by us not being shown his ingame appearance at all. It works because he's the narrator and VNs with the narrator not shown are not new, and it was a great way to play with that convention. It was also important that Sigma himself didn't know the twist. With ZTD though, really what was the point? It's a cool novelty trick but because of that and the cinematic style they had to go through lengths to not show Delta on the camera at all. It was a twist that had no actual plot relevance, since Q team was already aware of the old dude in a wheelchair. It's cool for shock value I guess, but it doesn't make you go 'holy shit'. It's by no means the worst part of the game's writing but it doesn't score any points either.

Even then the writing felt uninspired in a lot of ways. 999/VLR both had cool gimmicks to divide up its characters into different groups, which led to interesting interactions between the characters. It was neat that they had to plan out the number/color bracelets for each character and it takes dedication to do that. In ZTD each group of three are stuck in their respective wards for most of the game, which limits any one person's interactions to primarily two other people + a dog. Sure, it sounds like Uchikoshi's trading variety for deeper development but it's not like each trio was developed so well it was worth secluding them from the other six/seven people. It was essential for the twist to work but the twist wasn't really worth it in the first place.

Hell, the game really suffers from dividing the 9+1 into 3 different groups with 3 different protagonists. I would much prefer a visual novel-styled game with a clear protagonist(Carlos, that motherfucker, what a best boy) than the jumbled cinematic mess of three protagonists we actually got. Jumping around the timeline picking different decisions in VLR was hella fun because we were exploring different possible scenarios for the same guy and there was a feeling of continuity in that. With ZTD switching between 3 different teams, that feeling isn't as strong, resulting in a generally less impressionable overall cast(Junpei and Akane especially suffered from this). Carlos or Sean would've all made for great protagonists, just not all at the same time(although a dual-protagonist setup sounds more potentially good than the triple-protagonist setup we got). Hell, for what time he had, Carlos pretty much singlehandedly redeemed the story whenever he was onscreen. God, he's great. I would trust him with my life.

There's so much shit I could say right now but I'm starting to lose the heart to actually type it all out. I'll just say, I'm still unsatisfied with the ending, especially as an end to the series. VLR already ended with the main characters resolute to change the events at the Mars testing site, in order to reach a better future. So in here all we get is that Delta was aiming to get everyone to become motivated enough to aim for a better future as well. Sure, Radical-6 is no longer a thing but its threat also became nonexistent by being handwaved as just something Delta unleashed in order to prevent an even bigger threat in the future from happening(how did he learn this by the way, he can't SHIFT? How did he learn anything at all? Including that he was born in the future and would have to set up a murder game in order to facilitate his own birth? Fucker can't SHIFT, all he can do is MIND HACK. Fuck mind hacks.)

The story feels incomplete and rushed by the end. I mean yeah, this game was announced barely a year ago and it sure is nice we got the game now but I would not have minded double the development time if it means getting an ending that was more conclusive than this.

Also they spammed Blue Bird Lamentation too much. in VLR it was used like once or twice and shit was sad.

i do hope sigma still has 12 inches.

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PostSubject: Re: A dilemma of no time and no budget   Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:04 pm

I wouldn't know, I only played 999

I named this one: yare yare daze zero two where did i go wrong aw.psd

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A dilemma of no time and no budget
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