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 FGN: They Sure Do Grow Up Fast

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PostSubject: FGN: They Sure Do Grow Up Fast   Sun May 07, 2017 2:17 am

Leokane's Biased, He Only Does Street Fighter FGNs!

Chill out, I'll do the big Injustice 2 FGN soon.

Ed Photos Released, Trailer On Monday

This FGN is real small today cause all we got are three pictures of Ed, the third DLC character for Season 2. Ed was actually in Super Street Fighter IV in Balrog's/Boxer's ending.

Ed is one of the many prototype bodies for Bison over the course of the series. He made a return in Street Fighter V as Balrog's sidekick.

As you noticed from his hand in the ending, Ed has powers, specifically psycho power like Bison and Rose. He also ages faster than a normal human which leads me to his current and default look as a playable character in SFV.

They just refuse to make a skinny guy in SFV huh? Despite his jump in age and bulk I'm excited to see how he'll play like. He was raised by Balrog and you can tell by his gloves that he'll have boxing moves. Yet both in the story and this screenshot below it shows he still uses his psycho power.

Boxers are nothing new to fighting games but a magical boxer? Now that is less common (I can't even think of one of the top of my head). You can say whatever you want in terms of design, I don't mind it but I look forward to what will most likely be his hoodie outfit as his alt. Plus the two characters of Season 2 so far, Akuma and Kolin are both fun and I'd say have more going on with them then most of the base and Season 1 characters. With Ed that's three down only three more to go.

EDIT: Ed's trailer is out along with a photo of his costumes.

Just give his story costume blank pants, a blue hoodie and black hair and you got high school me.


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FGN: They Sure Do Grow Up Fast
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