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 Lost Mine of Phandelver

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PostSubject: Lost Mine of Phandelver   Sat May 20, 2017 9:16 am

In the city of Neverwinter, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker sought skilled adventurers to escort his wagon load of provisions to Phandalin, which is only a couple of days’ travel southeast from the city. The dwarf seemed to be very suspicious and did not tell the adventurers his reasons for the trip. However, the pay of ten gold pieces each cleared away all forms of doubt from their minds and accepted graciously. However, the dwarf, along with another escort, Sildar Haliwinter, ran ahead. Without a guide, the group traveled southward slowly and is only just starting to turn east. This area, Triboar Trail, is known to be filled with trouble, be it bandits or monsters. The band’s trust in each other will be put to the test as they travel along the trail.

   The caravan had to stop when the bard, Anne Hathaway, attacked the rogue, Ladida Dida, with her lute. The lute struck a weak spot, and Ladida seemed to be more than just a little hurt(10 max hp -3 damage =7 hp remaining). Their conflict continued to heat up until the rest of the group broke them up. Trouble is far from over, however, as a group of 6 goblins surprised them with their assault. Already damaged, Ladida fell to the ground in just one hit, and the only person with him on the left side of the caravan, Anne, was facing down 3 goblins at once. Undaunted, she played a tune and put the 3 goblins in front of her to sleep. The other three members, Dorian Ray, Dane Ipacko, and Edgar Colthearts, however, were faced with the other 3 goblins. Not that it was much trouble, mere goblins were no challenge, even for a group like this. They managed to kill off the goblins one by one with little resistance. Ladida suggested keeping one of the goblins alive after noticing some of the wagon’s load was missing. The group debated on the issue until realizing it's pointless, and Dane killed off the final goblin.

  The group is forced to find a path to the goblin cave, which they were able to do within a short amount of time. After continuing, they discovered goblin cave. However, after some careful investigation around the area, they realized there were 2goblin guards watching the cave. Dorian tried to blast a goblin with firebolt, but utterly fails and only alerted the guards. The guards started shooting arrows at the group, and after some confusion, Ladida runs at the enemy full speed, with Edgar following closely after. After some work, the group managed to dispatch one of the guards, with the other running into the cave, and releasing 3wolves at them. Ladida ran away at the very sight of such danger, leaving Edgar to be attacked by all three at once. Edgar was quickly knocked off his feet, Ladida realized his mistake and ran in again, with Anne’s inspiration, and managed to severely hurt one of the wolves. Our champion is rewarded with a hit by Dorian’s firebolt full-force, instantly knocking him out. The cleric, Dane, managed to pick off the wolf with his crossbow. Soon after, Dorian finally hits her firebolt and managed to also severely dent a wolf, which again was finished off by Dane. The last one was put to sleep by Anne, and coup de graced by Dane, making Dane the undisputed MVP of the party thus far.

  The party decided to take a long rest in the forest after the ordeal, and with Dorian’s alarm spell, they are able to do so without much worry. It seems even the God wishes for them to rest, as the goblins did not chase after them.

NOTE: Please tell me if you think I can improve this in any way, shape, or form. Since I will most likely be writing the others as well since Supa cannot really catch up with us.
EDIT: I promise to be more energetic next time :V, at least, so you guys can't easily tell I was losing motivation.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Mine of Phandelver   Sun May 21, 2017 6:34 am

You did a great job. Try splitting into more paragraphs though. o.o

"Dorian tried to blast a goblin with firebolt, but utterly fails and only alerted the guards."
"Our champion is rewarded with a hit by Dorian’s firebolt full-force, instantly knocking him out."

haha this dorian sounds like a loser ;_;

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Lost Mine of Phandelver
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