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 Cut out da sections

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PostSubject: Cut out da sections    Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:03 pm

Something that's always bothered me is how many sections and subforums this place has, considering it's kinda dead. Having many dead subforums just looks bad, and considering how dead we are, we gotta look as good as possible. Not that it'll help but still.

Like, the entire Rules and Support section is fine as is. In fact, I like that Returning and Farewell are simply subforums of Intros. I would suggest making the subforum 'Introductions and Farewells' instead of just 'Introductions', and make a general thread for any returnees. Although it's fine the way it is too.

GG is useless, take it out.

Combine Duels and Tournaments with Yu-Gi-Oh!. Assuming we don't just delete them outright, combine Dueling Leagues and Duel Arena as a subforum of the Tournies subforum. Questions can be a single big thread inside the Discussions subforum instead of being its own subforum. Articles can be a subforum of Discussions or we delete it altogether and allow people to post articles in Discussions. Decks are understandable.

Roleplaying is dead but if you really want to keep it it's fine I suppose. What the hell is RP Fanfiction though

Games is a fine section but I see no reason for so many subforums in the Competitive Corner.

You can make Showcases serve the same function as shops too, so remove that from the Martyrs of Creation section. I feel icky about support getting its own section but it's technically legit enough. Even if it's dead. Maybe just remove it anyway?

Off-Topic is alright but I'd like to rename Posting Games as simply Spam Paradise(or something to that effect) and make it one of the main areas of the site where people can just post mindless shit that isn't really content but since it's new posts we can be disillusioned into thinking WDA might be active.

I was just thinking that if the forums looked a tad bit more approachable, we might get some new members, I dunno.

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PostSubject: Re: Cut out da sections    Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:10 pm

Getting more members and forum activity takes more than fixing subsection looks, more than everything it takes effort being put into maintaining said activity. The reason I never bothered with fixing sections despite noticing the issue is that I would only do it if we put at some point effort in reviving the forum part. If a staff member other than me wants to do it, sure, but I would only do it as part of a more general overhaul. If an additional reason is needed, it's because if nothing is alive, might as well ditch everything. To change things we'd need to revive things so that we can center the change around living things.

Also, to throw some spite out there, I would have worked on GG if I didn't have to do all of the RP thingy... at least that's how it was supposed to be back then... anyways.

RP fanfiction is the following. In previous RPs people would tend to write the story of their character's life in posts. RP fanfiction was the section we used so that we could tell them "stop doing that, if you want to do that go over there".

Don't you have access to the section mod section?

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PostSubject: Re: Cut out da sections    Sun May 03, 2015 2:22 am

Nobody uses the forum, there's no point in downsizing it because, as Al said, if we cut away to the parts that were living, we'd have 2 sections, those being anime, and shitpost.

On one hand we can't say "don't fix what isn't broken", because it is broken, because nobody uses it. But it wouldn't fix anything, it would just be a matter of cutting away dead parts. And even if that did 'fix' it, who would we be fixing it for? Nobody uses the forum, and if we decided to recruit more and try to revive the forum as a whole, we would no longer have need to cut away the dead parts, because there would be people there using some of it.

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PostSubject: Re: Cut out da sections    

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Cut out da sections
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