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 Labyrinth of Touhou

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PostSubject: Labyrinth of Touhou   Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:54 pm

Links and how to play:

I've been sinking my time into this fangame for the past day or so and it'd be nice to have people to discuss it with so I'mma try to make a convincing topic. If you don't need any convincing and you're bored, the link is above.

Labyrinth of Touhou's a dungeon crawler with a decent amount of min-maxing, with a total of about 40 preset Touhou characters who each have unique movesets and properties and you can only have 12 in your party at a time as you go dungeoning through a 30-floor dungeon. The story is lighthearted and utter nonsense with weird references everywhere, the characters are from Touhou which as far as I know none of you are into, and the graphics are pretty outdated and the art is hideous as you can see above.

The true appeal of this game however, lies in familiarizing yourself with the units you have and using them to defeat through difficult bosses as you play. I'm still in early-game myself and the bosses are FUCKING difficult and I've died again and again retrying and fuck Youmu and her ghost half battle. But anyway, I can attest that the gameplay is solid. The story is nonsense and you don't really need it so it's totally fine to jump in without knowing a thing about Touhou(half of you did the same with FGO so this should not be a big leap), and the game itself lets you replace the character portraits. The download I linked come with a few portrait sets and they're not too bad imo.

See this Reimu on the right from the set I personally use

and this Touhouvania Reimu version:

Maybe it's not a big deal iunno, but I think it's kinda neat you have 40 units whose character portraits you can replace by just drag-and-dropping the right images into a folder.

Since I'm making a big deal of the gameplay(even if so far I spent more space on the visuals), I'll go into some of the stuff here.

other things than the combat:

Feel free to ask me things and I'll help out if N can. The games are about as wacky and Japanese and obscure as they come but if you're willing to sit through it I think it's pretty rewarding.

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Labyrinth of Touhou
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