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 We're Playing Guild Wars 2

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PostSubject: We're Playing Guild Wars 2   We're Playing Guild Wars 2 EmptyTue Apr 04, 2017 9:21 pm

It's a free-to-play MMORPG. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/

Have fun. Will update when I know a thing or two about the game.

We're playing in the server Vabbi. hf.

I named this one: yare yare daze zero two where did i go wrong aw.psd

We're Playing Guild Wars 2 EYsr35g
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PostSubject: Re: We're Playing Guild Wars 2   We're Playing Guild Wars 2 EmptyFri Apr 07, 2017 7:21 am

Stumbling around in chat for this is stupid, keep records of some stuff we should know here.
People that have joined that I remember, char names, class, last level range ish

Al-Bhed - Cat Bhed - Mesmer - lv34
danna - Meguminpop - Elementalist - lv30+ish?
Nour - Nourno - Thief - lv33
Kitsouki - Kitouski - Guardian - lv13ish?
Alibaba - ? - Ranger - lv10ish?
Earls - Edgar something? - Warrior - lv10ish?

If you can, to have a better list, do post your class, char name, and maybe current level

Here's some other info
Goal is right now getting people to lv30-35
at 30 you can do the first dungeon in the game and we do want people for that, at 35 some other stuff in the game open up which is useful. You can get there at your own time since a lot of time is spent on exploration which tends to separate us even if we are partying up.

To level up from the lower levels you can use for one your personal story, and other than that explore as such:
Go around getting waypoints (they allow you to teleport around the map, super useful), getting the hero points on the way (available as of level 11, you want them to get your character's skills) and stopping on the way whenever there are dynamic events around, which are topical missions which you see pop up in orange text/markers when you get in their effective areas. You don't really have to bother with completing hearts, map completion priorities are waypoints and then hero challenges. Again, get waypoints, they will allow you to get to events of the rest of us if we come across them, and if we do stick around for long enough in the game they are kinda necessary for guild missions. You don't have to get OCD about map completion, don't hesitate to explore other neighboring maps in your level range if you have the waypoints for your current one already, and ofc don't hesitate to move on to higher level range maps when you reach said levels.

Don't worry too much about your gear, gw2 pve is an easy game, just get it from drops.

As a free account the stuff you can exchange on the trading post are very limited and you cannot send stuff to people via mail. If there is something cheap you need from the trading post you can ask me or kitsouki to get it and we can mail it to you.

You can get every skill and specialization perk eventually, while you can also change skills/respec at any time out of combat, so you can't really mess that part up, don't worry. Also, just to clarify, you get your stats from your gear.

You can find builds as well as instructions to using them here https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki
closest category to dungeon content would be fractals
remember that as a free account you cannot use the elite specializations, so no Tempest (Elementalist), Chronomancer (Mesmer), Reaper (Necro), Scrapper (Engi), Druid (Ranger), Daredevil (Thief), Dragonhunter (Guardian), Berserker (Warrior) and no Revenant in general. Only Vanilla classes. Don't be too discouraged, the difference between vanilla and expansion classes is the option of an additional specialization tree and an option of another weapon, so in most cases the expansion build is a very close variation of a vanilla build, just go further down and you'll likely find the vanilla counterpart.

Super useful classes in vanilla are Ele, Guard, Warrior, but out of those it's only Ele that you still benefit having multiple of. A second Warrior will just be a pure dps with some extra banners, a second guard will definitely make the job of the first one easy, but if the first Guard is good the second one becomes redundant. Still, it's not certain Kitsouki (Guard) and Earl (Warrior) will always be there, and they can go dps (even Kitsouki's Guard since he can both make it Dragonhunter later on and also get a second character) so if you are unsure on what to pick, do remember those 3 are valuable to the group. No pressure ofc, pick what you like. It should be noted those are not absolutely necessary to do non-high level fractal dungeons, but they really help if you want to do them fast.

3 other minor things to note.

Right now, gw2 has the Super Adventure event, which is a series of blocky colourful platformer stages within gw2, it can be kinda fun and I guess it will help you with getting accustomed with movement (since you may need to have sometimes some precision in your movement in dungeons, and there are jumping puzzles around which can be frustrating if you are not comfortable with the mechanics). It is located in the main city of the Asura (tiny alien people) and is worth checking out.

Structured PvP in gw2 is mostly independent from PvE. You gain no advantages from your PvE progress; levels, unlocked skills and gear are all provided to you, only thing you bring in is basically your cosmetic skins. You can access the pvp lobby from the crossed swords mark on the top left buttons (or something like that), and from there you can either queue for a game or actually enter the lobby (though I am not sure if this is available to free accounts right from the start). In the lobby you can find stuff like vendors to sell your junk iirc. You can even go up to training dummy golems to test your character's skills.

World vs World is unlocked at lv60 or something, it's a large scale pvp mode between servers where everyone is upscaled to lv80 and we go around capturing castles. Maps are large so it's not as bad as you might think, especially on lighter population weeks it's not that hard going around as a small group capturing some lower tier castles for ok loot, so long as we don't run into some player megablob.

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PostSubject: Re: We're Playing Guild Wars 2   We're Playing Guild Wars 2 EmptyFri Apr 07, 2017 2:23 pm

Nour's character is now lv 36, last I checked. My ele is 33, and I have a guardian alt named Stasella at lv 20. Earl just began his new Warrior character so it's at lv 2, it's his thief that he abandoned that's at lv 10. Ali's char's name is Breathofthemild and I forgot Earl's new one's.

Also for inventory, if you have even a small amount of gold(not too hard to have at least 2 or so by lv 20) you can buy a 18-slot bag from the trading post even if you're using a free account(I just did). It's called a Mythril box or something.

We're Playing Guild Wars 2 Danna45
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PostSubject: Re: We're Playing Guild Wars 2   We're Playing Guild Wars 2 Empty

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We're Playing Guild Wars 2
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