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 Nintendo Talk: Fatal Frame and Season Pass

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PostSubject: Nintendo Talk: Fatal Frame and Season Pass   Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:22 am

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have announced that they will be making a new Fatal Frame game for the Wii U. If you don't know what Fatal Frame is and why it is a perfect game for the Wii U, here is the reason.

Fatal Frame was a game made on the PS2 and XBOX as a survival horror game. The horror title has players exploring haunted areas and snapping pictures of terrifying ghosts. You needed to defeat the ghost by taking pictures of them. While it is a weird concept it is ultimately a great idea and was a great game. This idea also will work very well with the Wii U's gamepad acting as a camera.

What do you think of the announcement? I know a couple of us had the idea of a new Fatal Frame coming but now that it is confirmed, what are your thoughts? Will you get the game if you have a Wii U?

Other news is that Nintendo is adopting the season pass with their upcoming Mario Golf: World Tour for 3DS, players will have access to 10 courses spanning 126 holes. Nintendo says that is an amount equivalent to past games in the series. There's also going to be DLC along with a Season Pass that will nearly double the amount of holes in the game.

Packs can be purchased separately at $5.99 each or users can buy all three in a Season Pass at a discounted price of $14.99. You may think that the season pass is a horrible idea but it isn't really, just pointless. Why go through the trouble of a season pass? The game plus the season pass equals out to $45 (USD) so why not just sell it in one complete package for $45? The only thing that makes sense is that they don't have enough time to complete everything so they will release the rest of the game at a later date, letting you spend a little at first on the initial game and spending the rest on a later date. This isn't so bad, $45 for a Mario Sports game is pretty cheap compared to past prices on Mario Sports games.

What do you think? Think it's a bad idea for Nintendo to jump on the season pass idea? Will you buy the game when it comes out with or without the DLC?

I might make more of these at a later date but no promises.


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Nintendo Talk: Fatal Frame and Season Pass
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